Aero Modeling Workshop

Aero-modeling can be considered as HOBBY cum SPORT because the hobby aspect involves building and assembling model aircraft, and the sport part involves the flying. Aero modeling include the concepts of Physics, electronics and mechanical so it’s a part of engineering as well as and specifically called as aerospace engineering if integrated

Workshop Best Suited To

  • Students from all branches and all year can attend this workshop
  • College students seeking career in Aero Modeling & Designing of Airplane
  • Person having interest in Aero Modeling and Airplane Design.
  • Education Faculty & Staff in Aero Modeling and Airplane Design

In this workshop participants will be introduced to  the design and development of the Aero model, and electronics used as well as funda behind flying.

Participants will learn to know all the principles behind Aero-modeling and flying a Aero-model with a hand-on session from a ready to fly take away kit.

Apart from all these the team will share the  experiences of various programs like  NASA System Safety Program, SAE Aerodesign Competition, Atlanta etc

Workshop Highlights

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